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A Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review

Using Pinterest for Business

Hey everyone, it’s Joe here, aka Mr. KnitcroAddict. If you’re looking for a beautiful crochet design, I don’t have anything in that department. If you wanna talk about getting Pinterest traffic for your blog or business, I do have something I think you’ll want to hear.

We have been through a lot of trial and error trying to learn everything about the online world on our own. Pinterest was one of the more elusive problems to solve in my case. I hadn’t really used it much, and while Wan had, we still didn’t understand how it could help get more people over to

So, why are we talking about Pinterest for business here?

Well, for a few reasons. One, we discovered a really awesome course a year ago called Pinterest Traffic Avalanche from Create and Go that we wanted to share. We waited a year to really give it a thorough look before we recommended it.

Also, we know a lot of you are trying to sell finished products and or create designer business of your own. Let me say, Pinterest is A MUST for crafters and designers that want to get a lot of exposure for a small time investment. Well, it can be small….or big. But it’s free!

At the time, 43% of our traffic was coming from Pinterest. When I saw that metric, I knew that we were doing something right by having what traffic we did, and that there was still a LOT more we could be doing to increase traffic with Pinterest.

We’ve steadily been growing by around 30% month over month since, AS LONG as we are using the principles from Pinterest Traffic Avalanche. When we’ve slacked or tried to cut corners, our traffic dropped accordingly. Pinterest is easy but it has to be consistent. Check us out for yourselves, if you’re not sure just watch our account for a couple months

We were around 150-200k monthly visitors prior to the course, and we’re at 2.4M currently and growing steadily.

What exactly is pinterest?

You all know and love pinterest because it is a massive resource for shopping, crafting, cooking, you name it and someones pinning it there. What pinterest REALLY is, is a search engine (like Google) and an aggregate of all those searches, represented by beautifully designed images that jump off the screen at you and get you to click on whatever it is your search turned up.

It’s beautiful for everyone, the publishers and designers as well as the crafters and customers.

If you want a product or information, it has it. If you want people to see what you have to offer, you can do it, for free. There’s almost no barrier to entry, there’s very little if any cost up front, and it’s an ocean of traffic for you to engage with.

If you want to be found, Pinterest is a great place to be.

There are a lot of options as far as how to be discovered online. There’s the old school SEO route, which is still crucial in the long term, but painstakingly slow and difficult to navigate.

There’s Social media like FB, Instagram, Tik Tok etc. It’s also crucial but is more of a long term, community building tool rather than the best way to get noticed.

Don’t get me wrong, social media has been great for us, but it isn’t the fastest way to grow by itself.

Then, you have all of these elements combined with Pinterest and a very active, savvy bunch of people looking for what you’re doing. The question is, how do I make it work? It’s so confusing!

Enter the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

*We make an affiliate commission when you purchase the course through our link. I loved the course and applied for the affiliate commission afterwards rather than the other way around. This is my honest opinion developed over a year of consideration.

With that out of the way, you already know why you should be using Pinterest for business: Now we discuss the how and why you should seriously consider this course.

I’m not sure if you know, but pinterest is confusing as heck to figure out! Just navigating it as a consumer is confusing at first glance, but trying to figure out how to use it as a designer/entrepeneur? It’s bananas.

We searched everywhere for information on how Pinterest for business worked, how to get set up, what worked and what didn’t, but nothing we found really contained much useful information. We even tried a couple courses we found online and were still not getting it. Then we found, on Pinterest!

Alex and Lauren of have created several awesome solutions for beginning bloggers and digital entrepreneurs. They masterfully use Pinterest for business, which is what drew our attention to them.

I should point out that if you don’t already have a blog for your craft business, they have some other fantastic courses to get you started. They aren’t the courses we used in the beginning and they undoubtably could’ve saved us a lot of time we wasted trying to figure it out on our own.

I wish I’d had their Launch Your Blog Biz in the beginning. Even better would’ve been the Pro Blogger Bundle, which includes everything you’d need to set up a blog, start creating good content and getting a lot of traffic. To me, it was a really small investment for a lot of results.

I’ve paid a lot more for courses and gotten no where near the value in the past. We where just a little too poor at the time, but we could’ve gotten less poor much faster if we’d invested sooner 🤷🏻‍♂️Wan’s in charge of finances and honestly, it’s mostly a good thing haha.

I personally love courses and thought the price tag was pretty cheap comparatively. Wan wasn’t so convinced at first, but we where both sick of running from pinterest and we finally shelled out the money. It was beyond worth it!

If investing $200 means you learn to 10x your business in the long term, it amounts to less than pennies on the dollar. We’ve definitely recouped the cost of the course several times over in the last year.

Learning How to Get Pinterest Traffic

Alex and Lauren will personally walk you through the process of:

Setting up your account

Creating quality pins

What and when to pin

Where to pin

When NOT to pin (IMPORTANT)

They show you the best tools to use with your Pinterest for business account. They give you spread sheets to track your pins and performance. They’re very meticulous with their planning and tracking information.

They teach you about SEO for Pinterest (WHAT!?), yes SEO is VERY important on Pinterest. Remember, Pinterest is a search engine. If you want to get a lot of traffic from Pinterest, you have to understand SEO basics and they will teach you that in this course.

Pinterest for business is a constantly changing arena, and Create and Go keep the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche up to date every time something changes. I’ve been watching them for the last year and I am SO impressed.

Bottom line is if you’re trying to get traffic and or make money online, Pinterest is a must. To get the absolute most bang for your buck in the shortest amount of time, Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is such a game changer that I’m happy to tell everyone, it’s worth it. We’ve tried it and it’s been the best investment we’ve made.

If you don’t believe me, you can head over to their website and shoot them an email asking if it’s the right course for you, they’re incredibly helpful and they have tons of support resources.