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Crochet Poncho Pattern: Super Quick and EASY

Hey, welcome back! If you’re new here, you have great timing as I’m about to show a really easy crochet poncho pattern in sizes XS-XXXXL for free. Why? Because we’ve had a tough year already and we need some easy wins for our winter wardrobe 🤣

This crochet poncho is actually really cute and versatile in spite of how easy it is to make. I think it’s a really cute and easy way to liven up my usual hoodie and jeans look for winter.

It also makes for a great mid layer in the coldest climate as it doesn’t have sleeves to bunch up in a jacket. I’m sure I’ll be taking a lot of pictures of my crochet poncho this winter to demonstrate all the different ways it can be worn.

This project is made using a moss stitch. If you’re not familiar, I have a stitch tutorial so you can get familiar with it.

I used Lion Brand Heartland for this crochet poncho and I actually used a 10mm hook. It gives this medium weight yarn a nice drape for this style of garment. It also makes it retain the warmth well, so you can wear this poncho over a hoodie long into the winter.

I used a cotton cord to cinch up the side’s so it’s really easy to adjust. You could use any style of cord you like, including this crochet I-cord that I happen to have a tutorial for. I seem to have a tutorial for almost everything these days🤣

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Ok, onto the details…..


#4 Medium weight yarn

I used Lion Brand Heartland #4 Medium weight yarn

I also used cotton craft cord to thread up the side of the poncho

Crochet hook size 10mm


Yarn needle

Stitch marker

Measuring tape

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Stitches Used & Code ( US Terms )

ch = chain

st = stitch(es)

sc = single crochet

sk = skip

sp = space

REP = repeat

RS = right side

WS = wrong side

” = inches

Notes :

This pattern uses English US Terminology

This crochet poncho pattern made as US women’s sizes XS/S( M/L, XL/XXL, 3XL/4XL )

This pattern is made in 2 separate pieces and then sewn together ( Front and back panels are made the same )

This pattern is made from the bottom up

This pattern is in multiples of 2 ch

This pattern is a 2 row repeat ( Row 2 and 3 )

In this picture I have demonstrated with size XS/S

Yarn needed :

Main yarn : 750( 830, 910, 990 ) Yards

Cotton cord : 120( 120, 120, 120 ) Inches

Gauge blocked : 11.5 st ( sc & ch ) X 11 rows = 4″

Measurements after blocked/washed

*Keep in mind that since I used an oversized hook, your poncho will stretch a bit with wearing.

XS/S = 30.95″ Width across back X 20″ Length

M/L = 33.73″ Width across back X 20.72″ Length

XL/XXL = 36.52″ Width across back X 21.45″ Length

3XL/4XL = 39.30″ Width across back X 22.18″ Length

Crochet Poncho Written Pattern

Row 1 ( RS ) : ch 90( 98, 106, 114 ), 1 sc into second ch from hook, *ch 1, sk next ch, 1 sc into next ch* REP from *TO* across. Total of 89( 97, 105, 113 ) st ( including ch 1 sp )

Row 2 ( WS ) : Turn, ch 1 ( do not count as a st ), 1 sc into first st, 1 sc into next ch 1 sp, *ch 1, 1 sc into next ch 1 sp* REP from *TO* until you have 1 st left, 1 sc into last st. Total of 89( 97, 105, 113 ) st ( including ch 1 sp )

Row 3 : Turn, ch 1 ( do not count as a st ), 1 sc into first st, *ch 1, 1 sc into next ch 1 sp* REP from *TO* until you have 2 st left, ch 1, sk next st, 1 sc into last st. Total of 89( 97, 105, 113 ) st ( including ch 1 sp )

REP Row 2 and Row 3 : 26( 27, 28, 29 ) more times. You will have a total of 55( 57, 59, 61 ) rows

*If you’d like a shorter or longer poncho, just make less or more rows by REP row 2 and row 3.

The end of row 55( 57, 59, 61 ) cut the yarn and leave an 18 – 20 inch long tail

Sew the poncho together

Place your panels right side facing down. We’ll sew on the wrong side, using the tails that we left earlier. Sew 30( 34, 37, 42 ) st of the front and back panel together at the shoulder seam. Use which ever method you prefer to sew ( Both sides are sewn the same ). Check picture below

*Note: You can customize the size of the neck hole to be larger or smaller to your preference by sewing more or less stitches. Just make sure both shoulders are even.

crochet poncho step by step tutorial sewing the shoulder seams

Attaching the cotton cord to the crochet poncho

First, you need to cut two strands of the cotton cord about 50 – 60 inches each and this also depends on how long you’d like it to be. Start lacing the sides of the top together down the side seam. You can lace them across like a tennis shoe or play around with a different method. Leave about 9-10 inches for the arm hole openings on each side. I also left about 7-8 inches in the bottom of the side seam. Check picture below

crochet poncho pattern step by step video tutorial lacing up the side seams

If you want to sew the sides, or leave them totally open, that’s fine too, whatever suites your style. Just make sure to leave yourself plenty of space in the arm holes so you can wear it over other clothing.

crochet poncho step by step photo tutorial finished project


Hope you enjoy your crochet poncho as much as I’m loving mine. If you’d like to share your finished work with all the rest of us, feel free to share with me on IG or FB and I’ll happily repost it.

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