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Knitted Cowl: Trying to Stay on Brand, forgive me!

Ok, Ok, I’m finally back with something knitted 🤣 I knew I had to make this knitted cowl before I lost the “Knit” in the KnitcroAddict name. I’m actually loving how it turned out so I’m ready to share with the gang.

This knitted cowl is really easy and works up fast. I made it extra thick and chunky so it’s got some shape to it. It makes it easy to wear as a cowl or as a hood. A super handy design element that my husband pointed out.

I used Lion Brand Wool Ease thick and quick #6 Super Bulky in some gorgeous fall colors for this knitted cowl. It’s ridiculously warm, so it will come in handy for me in a couple months.

It’s so convenient because you can turn a light winter outfit into a heavy duty one just by throwing one is these around your neck before you leave the house.

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#6 Super Bulky Yarn

I Used 2 colors of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick #6 Super Bulky Yarn

Color A : Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick ( Color Butterscotch )

Color B : Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Stripes ( Color Coney Island )

Needle Size : US 11 / 8mm Circutar knitting needles ( 24 inches )


Yarn needle

Stitch Marker

Stitches Used & Code ( US Term )

CO = Cast on

BO = Bind off

K = Knit

P = Purl

REP = Repeat

PM = Pace stitch marker

Notes :

The pattern is written in English US terminology

This pattern is available in one size

The pattern is worked in the round

Gauge blocked : 9 st in garter stitch X 18 rows = 4″

Skill : Beginner

Measurements : 30.22″ Circumference X 10.22″ Tall

Knitted Cowl Written Pattern

CO 68 st, PM and join in a round

Round 1 ( Color A ): K all st around

Round 2 ( Color A ): P all st around

REP Round 1 and 2, 17 more times with color A. You’ll have a total of 36 rounds

Round 37 – Round 46 : K all st around with color B, then BO and weave all the ends

Congratulations on finishing your knitted cowl!

Hope you had fun making it, and if you want to share your finished work with me, feel free to tag me on IG or FB. I’ll happily repost if you ask!.