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Crochet Headband Pattern Simple & Easy

Hello again and if you’re new here, welcome! I’m back with a super simple and easy to make crochet headband pattern.

It makes a perfect little gift for friends and family and it’s also a really good pattern for whipping up some winter head gear to donate from your scrap yarn. Really practical little crochet headband pattern for the season, I love those 😎

This project is made using a even moss stitch. If you’re not familiar, I have a stitch tutorial so you can get familiar with it.

I used Red Heart Amore #4 medium weight yarn, which I’ve recommended many times but hey, it’s good stuff and I always seem to have a little left over.

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#4 Medium weight yarn

I used Red Heart Amore #4 medium weight yarn

Crochet Hook 4 mm


Yarn needle

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Stitches Used & Code ( US Terms )

ch = chain

st = stitch(es)

sl st = slip stitch

hdc = half double crochet

REP = repeat

” = inches

Notes :

*This easy crochet headband pattern made as Women’s Sizes S( M, L )

*The crochet headband pattern is in multiples of 2 + 1 ch

*This pattern is a 1 row repeat

*The chain when you start will be the length of the head band. If you’d like it shorter or taller, you can easily adjust it by making less or more ch when you start

*The rows that you made will be the circumference. If you’d like a smaller or larger headband, you can easily adjust it by making less or more rows

*This Pattern is written in English US Terminology

*In this picture I have demonstrated with size M

Gauge unblocked : 19 st X 19.25 rows = 4″

Yarn needed : 60( 70, 80 ) Yards


S : Women Smaller Heads / Teen = 17.24″ Circumference stretches out to 21-22″ X 3.78″ Tall

M : Fit Most Women = 18.28″ Circumference stretches out to 22-23″ X 3.78″ Tall

L : Women Lager Heads = 19.32″ Circumference stretches out to 23-24″ X 3.78″ Tall

Crochet Headband Written Instructions

Row 1 : ch 19( 19, 19 ), 1 sl st into second ch from hook, 1 hdc into next ch, *1 sl st into next ch, 1 hdc into next ch* REP from *TO* across. Total of 18( 18, 18 ) st

Row 2 : Turn, ch 1 ( do not count as a st ), 1 sl st into first st, 1 hdc into next st, *1 sl st into next st, 1 hdc into next st* REP from *TO* across. Total of 18( 18, 18 ) st

Row 3 – Row 83( 88, 93 ) : REP Row 2

The end of row 83( 88, 93 ), cut the yarn and leave a 10 – 14″ long tail, then use that tail to sew the edges together using any method you like. Weave all the ends.

Boom! You’re done. Congrats on finishing your crochet headband! I really hope you find a lot of creative ways to use this crochet headband pattern, whether it be gifts, donations or just making good practice of your old yarn.

Till next time. Happy crocheting 🧡🧶✌

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