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Crochet Purse Pattern For Beginners

A crochet purse pattern can look very intimidating, and for some good reasons. A crochet bag pattern can get a little complex. I’ve made a LOT of crochet bags over the years of all sorts of designs. It’s one of my favorite projects, but it’s not a quick tutorial or project.

I assume most people may not have the time or patience to make a really in depth, custom lined handmade crochet purse. I think I’ve found an easier way for any one looking for that crochet purse pattern that doesn’t require a bunch of components and obscure yarns.

I was recently sent some samples from Perfect Yarns, which was awesome! It included some old familiar faces but it also had some new stuff I’ve never tried. Which is rare!

The old familiar was a crochet purse pattern/kit with a bottom, cover flap and a shoulder strap. The bottom and the flap where both already perforated so they’re ready to go. You wouldn’t believe how much work they’ve saved us!

All the materials needed for this easy crochet purse pattern

I used to run around the textile market district in Bangkok, going from shop to shop to get the raw materials and components to make my bags. Now we can just click a button!

I was so excited when I opened the package from Perfect Yarns, because not only were there components to make a bag, there was some new yarn I’ve never tried before. I always wanted to try this paper yarn, and I finally got the chance.

I chose the paper yarn for this crochet purse pattern as it has a rigidity closer to the lanyard yarn I always used for my crochet bags.

I was honestly a little leery of it at first, but after finishing the bag I’m really impressed with it. It’s sturdy and it looks beautiful. It IS hard on your hands though. Just take your time with it.

You could use any other yarn you like, but I highly recommend this paper yarn or something similar for the crochet purse pattern I’m making below, so it has some body to it.

I’ve made the pattern super simple, it’s just SC, so if you know how to single crochet, you can make your first crochet purse or bag.

All the hardware you’ll need is included in the crochet kit from Perfect Yarns. There’s no real sewing or anything. The Yarn is NOT part of the kit, so you’ll have to order it separately.

Everything you need for this crochet purse design can be ordered with a few clicks. I’m keeping this pattern totally free, so everyone can make themselves or their loved ones a bag. No more being intimidated by crochet purses!

Hope you enjoy making it.

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Saddle bag leather set in color green

2 Colors of paper yarn 230mm/251 yard of each skein

Color A : Green ( 150 yard )

Color B : Sage ( 120 yards )

Crochet hook size 2.5 mm


Yarn needle

Stitch marker

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Stitches Used & Code ( US Term )

sc = single crochet

REP = repeat

” = inches


23″ Circumference X 8″ Tall




  • Place the bag bottom right side facing up, we’ll crochet on the right side
  • We’ll crochet the bag in spiral, so make sure to place the stitch marker into the first stitch in every round.

Round 1 ( Color A ) : Make slip knot and insert hook into the slip knot, then insert hook into bag bottom any hole that you prefer, make 3 sc into each hole around the bag bottom ( I have 32 holes on my bag bottom ). Total of 96 sc. Check picture below

crochet bag base, starting stitches

Round 2 ( Color A ) : 1 sc into each stitch around. Total of 96 sc

Round 3 – Round 20 : REP Round 2 with color A

Round 21 – Round 36 : REP Round 2 with color B

The end of round 36 cut the yarn and weave all the ends


To sew the cover flap to the bag, make sure your flap lines up in the center of the bag. You can sew your flap higher or lower, however you like, but I sewed mine 4 rows from the top of the bag. Cut two new strands of yarn about 20″ long and hold them together. Sew together using your yarn needle and weave the ends. Check picture below.

sewing the crochet bag flap to your crochet purse pattern

Adding the latch

Line the latch up with the center of the bag as well. Depending on how low or high you want the cover flap to rest, line the latch up top to bottom. I chose to attach mine 13 rows down.

Part of crochet purse pattern where the latch is installed.

Affixing the latch

The inside portion of the latch will have two prongs and a separate tab. Place the tab over the 2 prongs and bend them all the way over till the latch is secure. Check picture below.

the inside of the crochet purse when attaching the latch to the crochet purse pattern

Attaching the strap

You’ll need to open up a hole to attach the strap clasps to. I used a 5 mm hook to open up a space two rows down from the top and centered to the side. Simple as pushing the hook all the way through the space and then attaching the strap. Check picture below.

attaching the shoulder straps for the crochet purse pattern

I’m not going to make a lining for my bag, but if you want to add a lining for your crochet bag, here’s the video tutorial for the method I like to use👇If you liked the backpack shown in the lining video, here’s the video tutorial for that as well

If you’re skipping the lining, congratulations on your (probably first) crochet purse!

Making purses and bags is one of the most rewarding projects. It’s something really practical that everyone can use. You don’t have to worry about how it looks on you or if the size is right or if it shrunk. You just get to carry your beautiful work around with you and it makes your life simpler as a bonus.

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