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Easy Crochet Shawl Pattern

So crochet shawls aren’t super glamorous but they are ALWAYS reliable, whether it be for staying warm day to day or as gifts you know someone can always use. This easy crochet shawl will make a great Christmas gift, and it’s also a handy project to make as donations for the winter.

This easy crochet shawl pattern is as beginner friendly as they come. If you can double crochet, you can make this crochet shawl without any problems. If you want to make this same color scheme (or something similar) it’s as easy as can be with the right yarn.

free crochet shawl pattern for beginners

I was sent some of this color changing yarn in my last package from @Perfect Yarns. You can literally use this yarn and follow the pattern to get the same look. There’s no need for changing colors or anything, it does all the color changing for you.

You can use any #1 super fine yarn you like, just make sure to check your gauge before you begin the pattern.

If you want to match this one exactly, make sure to grab some of this Yarn art Flowers from Perfect Yarns store. They’re not sponsoring this post, but I’ve been a customer for years and they’ve shown their support by sending me these goodies. They nailed it, and I’m happy to share their products. (It’s nice not always paying for your own yarn 😁)

Knitcroaddict easy crochet shawl 2020

If you’re looking for something you can finish in time for everyone’s Christmas, give this easy crochet shawl a try. If you’d like some more options for gifts and giving, check these other patterns of mine out. I’ve got a few like this one.

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#1 Super fine yarn

I used 1 cake of Yarnart Flowers ( 1,090 ) yards #1 super fine yarn in color code number 292

Crochet hook size 3.5 mm


Yarn needle

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Stitches Used & Code ( US Term )

ch = chain

st = stitch(es)

dc = double crochet

sl st = slip stitch

sp = space

REP = repeat

” = Inches

Skill : Beginner

Gauge blocked : 16 dc X 8 rows = 4″

Measurements after blocked

The top of the shawl is 60 inches from corner to corner X From the top corner to the bottom corner is 56 inches


Easy Crochet Shawl Written Pattern

Row 1 : ch 5, 1 sl st into the first ch that you did (form a ring), ch 3 ( count as 1 dc ), ( 3 dc, ch 2, 4 dc, All into same ring sp ). Total of 8 dc

Row 2 : Turn, ch 3 ( count as 1 dc ), 2 dc into the first st/same ch 3 st, 1 dc into next st and each st until you reach the ch 2 sp, ( 2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc, All into same ch 2 sp ), 1 dc into next st and each st until you have 1 st left, 3 dc into last st. Total of 16 dc

Row 3 – Row 56 : REP Row 2 ( You’ll increase 8 st in every row. The end of row 56 you’ll have a total of 448 st ). Cut the yarn and weave all the ends

*If you’d like a bigger shawl, just keep repeating row 2 more time to your desired length

Congratulations on your easy crochet shawl!

I hope you get to wear it in style this winter, or even better, I hope you ever you gift it to loves it. Until next time.

Happy crocheting!