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Yarn Giveaway Celebration! Thank You!

KnitcroAddict 100K Youtube Subscriber celebration

Hey everyone, I’m so excited to announce that I’ve reached one of many Youtube Creators milestones with 100,000 subscribers! I’ve been dreaming about celebrating this one for a while, and I always planned on doing a yarn giveaway, plus some other goodies.

I wouldn’t be here without all of your support, and I want to say THANK YOU! I have some really special people in the KnitcroAddict Fam, and I just want to show my appreciation by inviting you all to celebrate with me. If you don’t know much about me, you can get an idea from my About page.

I have learned and grown so much from starting this channel and I have connected with a lot of really good people. It has been one of the biggest challenges of my life, which have been MANY.

I started my channel on a whim. My husband knew that I needed to be my own boss and make money on my own terms. I couldn’t ever see it happening though, so I kept slugging it out serving tables at a local Thai restaurant for 60+ hours a week.

It was one of the few jobs I could get being an immigrant with no education and very little English skills. I have family to support in Thailand, so I always felt the pressure to make money, not only for them but for the future family I wanted to build. We were caught in the rat race big time, my husband dropping me off on his way to work everyday and then waited for me in the parking lot when I finished 10-12 hours later.

He insisted that I start a YouTube channel, but I was terrified to do it. I was so nervous about speaking English on camera, and about teaching in general. Not to mention figuring out how to actually read patterns and then make patterns of my own that other people could follow.

He bought me a tripod and special phone attachment. So, after weeks and weeks of him encouraging me to my dismay, I gave in. Out of sheer spite, I made my first video. Now, here I am a couple years or so later ready to turn up with my KnitcroAddict peeps over a sweet yarn givaeway! YAY!!

I have learned so much from starting a channel. In this day and age, I highly recommend it. There are endless opportunities for us here and if you have a passion (maybe crochet) to share, Youtube’s a great place to start.

I have learned so much about crochet, like how to make garments, how to design them, how to make patterns and video tutorials for them. My English has improved a lot from making videos every week. I’ve learned to be disciplined with my time and work.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is that we are all capable of far more than we give ourselves credit for. With my back ground growing up so poor, with no education, no English skills, I never thought I could accomplish much. I just want to thank my husband for helping me prove myself wrong in a big way.

And I want to thank YOU all for supporting me and believing in me; For forgiving my English and Thai accented tutorials, for liking, commenting, sharing, purchasing patterns and most of all for your kind understanding while I got my YouTube legs under me. NOW WE’RE HERE!!

What about the yarn giveaway?

So you’re wondering, how do I get in on this yarn giveaway. Well, if I could give you ALL yarn I would, but since I can’t we’ll have to use the ole yarn giveaway scenario most of us are familiar with.

First, you have to be a subscriber, so make sure if you haven’t already (which a LOT of my viewers haven’t) click the subscribe button on my channel.

Second, go and comment your favorite KnitcroAddict project in the comments below the 100k yarn giveaway video. I’m curious to see what people’s answers will be.

I’ll use a random comment picker to choose the winners. I will announce two winners on Friday October 25th at 10:00am CST.

The prize will be 8 skeins per winner of Lion Brand Heartland yarn in color Congaree and Kobuk Valley, or Bryce Conyon and Yosemite. I bought them specifically together because I’m planning on making something with the same yarn and combos soon, so keep your eye out for that.

This is one yarn giveaway of at least two I’m planning. This one’s on me, and I’m working on sponsorship for the next one, so don’t forget to subscribe and turn on those notifications to catch the next one.

Here’s the giveaway video

Good luck everyone! I’m so excited 🤩🥰

If you’re looking for a free pattern to work on in the meantime, check here. Happy crocheting!