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My Crochet Wedding Dress

When my husband and I got married, we were incredibly poor. We had just recently moved back to America from my home country of Thailand, and we were just getting on our feet. I was frantically trying to find a wedding dress that we could afford, but also something that was fitting for such a special day.

There was simply nothing that was as beautiful and special as that day called for. So, I did what any crochet addict would do and set out to make one. I’d never made anything like it before, and it was hard to find a pattern for one. After a lot of trial, error and tears of frustration, I finally made something that worked out perfectly.

It took a couple months and a lot of lace weight thread. Not to mention a lot of love and a little bit of luck. My special day was that much more special wearing something that was one of a kind and handmade by yours truly. I never made a pattern for it, maybe someday I will.

The picture is unfortunately from a time before we started to learn about photography, and all we had was an iphone 4, but I’m happy we have this photo.

It’s a very special project with a lot of memories and I wanted to share it with you all 🙂


Tuesday 14th of February 2023

Hi Wan! I want to thank you for 1. Your amazing patterns, and 2. Your awesome stories you share with us! You are a blessing. Your work is incredible. I tried subscribing, but the subscribe link isn't clickable. Keep shining!


Thursday 6th of April 2023

Hi Tracie, thank you so much! I'm so happy to share with you. I'm not sure which subscribe button isn't working, but you can keep up with all my new patterns and tutorials on the YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram etc. I also have a mailing list, you can find the sign up in my Instagram Bio. I appreciate your sweet words and support. Keep shining as well!


Tuesday 24th of May 2022

You are very gifted, and blessed. I love, love, love your work.


Wednesday 25th of May 2022

Thank you so much Deborah! I'm very blessed with so many kind people that appreciate my work💖

delia bediones

Saturday 21st of May 2022

very nice...i love it i want to know how to make like a small bag


Saturday 21st of May 2022

Thanks! There's a few tutorials for small bags here and on the YT channel if you're interested.


Sunday 8th of May 2022

Hello! I just stumbled onto you summer dress article & then I was clicking on your wedding dress. So beautiful! I completely understand not writing out a pattern. I've been crocheting for a few years, but have a horrible time trying to follow patterns, so I end up "winging it". My favorite projects are bags. I've made purses, bags to hold crochet needles. I started adding zippers and that's been a game changer. I think it's time to try something wearable (other than a hat 😁 ) Thanks for giving me the courage to give it a try! Much love from a fellow crocheter 🥰


Tuesday 10th of May 2022

Hey Goldie, welcome! Thank you for the kind feedback. One day, I'm gonna make that wedding dress pattern lol. I always had a hard time following patterns too, so I just made my own designs. I had to learn to read them when I wanted to share my designs with other people so it worked out for the best, but I was winging it a lot. I started with bags too. Learning to sew a lining and add zippers is a huge game changer. I hope you give a garment a try, you won't regret it. My patterns are easy to follow and you'll be so impressed with yourself when you finish it. It's totally doable, I promise. Much love back, keep me posted on your garment success.


Thursday 5th of May 2022

Your crocheted wedding dress is BEAUTIFUL. I love it. I’m going to try and copy it but if you have a pattern that would be perfect.


Sunday 8th of May 2022

Thank you Sharon! I don't have a pattern for it yet. It was one of the first garments I ever crocheted and it was a MONSTER of a task for me to design at the time. A lot of tears and frogging to get it together in time for my wedding lol. I've been dreaming of making a pattern for it but I've been putting it off for a while. Wish you lots of luck with your design, let me know how it goes and if I can help answer any questions.