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Knitted Cowl Pattern

This is the time of year I would normally be working on a massive sweater project. If you’ve been around for awhile, you’ll certainly remember some of my sweater and cardigan benders. This year though, I’m in need of a break from the sizing of garments and pattern making. But, I just HAVE to knit or crochet something. Which means I HAVE to make a pattern too. Something simple, fun, chic, something everyone would want and can use. Something I have just the right yarn for. That thing became this knitted cowl pattern and for something so simple, I had a lot of fun making it and making the pattern and tutorial as well.

The yarn I chose for this knitted cowl pattern, which was practically yelling to be used for the winter, is this Wool of the Andes Tweed from knit-picks.

I am not a wool lover to be honest. I love it on the skein. I love to work with it, but my experience with wearing wool has been a very itchy one. So, I’m easing myself into wearing wool with this knitted cowl pattern.

I will say though, this heathered tweed yarn is gorgeous. I know, I had to google heathered too. It’s a technique of blending multiple colors to give it a very rich looking color and texture. LOVE that part, and the tweed. So, I’m falling in love with a wool yarn slowly. The itch though! Is it me? Does it just need to get broken in? Please let me know in the comments if you have some wool wisdom for me.

This knitted cowl pattern is made in the round. It’s an 8 row repeat (don’t panic yet) but it’s a really easy pattern.

You can use single or multiple colors. It’s a fantastic gift idea for the holidays as there’s no sizing. It doesn’t require a ton of yarn, not quite a scrap yarn project but close. It’s just a great little project for the whole year, but you will get a lot of compliments for making them and especially gifting them to people.

I think it just hits all the buttons I need to hit right now. The nice thing is when I feel like making a sweater again, I can make myself one that matches my new cowl. Let’s go!

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Stitches Used & Code (US Term)

  • CO = Cast on
  • BO = Bind off
  • K = Knit
  • P = Purl
  • ST = Stitch(es)
  • SL = Slip
  • REP = Repeat
  • ” = Inches

Skill: Easy


  • This knitted cowl pattern is in a multiple of 2 stitches
  • This knitted cowl pattern is a 8 rounds repeat

Yarn needed:

  • Color A: Olive Heather = 180 yards
  • Color B: Farmhouse Heather = 80 yards

Gauge blocked: 19 ST X 34 Rounds = 4″ in stitch pattern

Measurements (After blocked): 27.36″ Circumference X 11.52″ Tall

Knitted Cowl Pattern

Note: We’re going to work in the round on the right side. Make sure to place the marker at the beginning of each round

CO 130 ST

Round 1 (Color A): Join in the round with your method of choice, K around. Total of 130 ST

Round 2 (Color A): P around. Total of 130 ST

Round 3 (Color B): *K1, SL next ST purl wise with yarn at the back* REP from *TO* around. Total of 130 ST

Round 4 (Color B): *P1, SL next ST purl wise with yarn at the back* REP from *TO* around. Total of 130 ST

Round 5 (Color A): K around. Total of 130 ST

Round 6 (Color A): P around. Total of 130 ST

Round 7 (Color B): *SL next ST purl wise with yarn at the back, K1* REP from *TO* around. Total of 130 ST

Round 8 (Color B): *SL next ST purl wise with yarn at the back, P1* REP from *TO* around. Total of 130 ST

REP Round 1 – Round 8: 11 more times. You’ll have a total of next 96 rounds

*If you’d like a shorter cowl, just repeat round 1-8 less times. If you’d like a taller cowl, just keep repeating round 1-8 more times to your desired fit.

Round 97 ( Color A): K around. Total of 130 ST

Round 98 (Color A): P around. Total of 130 ST

Then, BO all stitches, weave all the end and you’re done!


That’s it, nice and simple knitted cowl pattern complete! Good luck and happy knitting my friends, ❤️to you all.

Best wishes,