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How Make the Crochet Bead Stitch

If you’ve followed my designs for a while, you’ve most certainly come across the crochet bead stitch. I’ve made quite a few projects with it in the past, which I will of course include in this crochet stitch tutorial.

It’s a very easy two row repeat, but I’ve included step by step written instructions as well as a video tutorial to make it as smooth as possible.

Once you know the bead stitch, you can start designing your own simple projects like blankets and scarves etc.

Check out some of my crochet bead stitch tutorials below for ideas or inspiration.

  1. Crochet V-Neck Summer Blouse / 2. Over size Crochet Top / 3. Crochet Twin Cities Spring Scarf / 4. Crochet Beach Cover Up

Stitches Used & Code

  • ch = chain
  • sc = single crochet
  • Bead st = Bead stitch
  • sk = skip
  • REP = repeat

Notes :

  • The bead stitch it can be used in round or row. The more common way to use it is in row, which is how I will demonstrate it here.
  • This bead stitch is in multiples of 2 ch or an even number of ch.
  • This bead stitch is a 2 rows repeat ( Row 2 and 3 ).


*Note that for the set up row (row 1) you can use any stitch you prefer, such as sc, dc or tr, as long you have an odd number of the stitches. For example, today I will demonstrate with single crochet stitch and I have 9 sc for the set up row.

Row 1 : ch 10, sk next ch, 1 sc into next ch and each ch across. Total of 9 sc ( Check picture below )

Row 2 : Turn, ch 3 ( count as 1 dc ), 1 Bead st into next st, *sk next st, 1 Bead st into next st* REP from *TO* until you have 1 st left, 1 dc into last st. Total of 4 Bead st ( Check steps 1-10 below on how to make the Bead st )

  • Step 1 : Make a dc

  • Step 2 : Yarn over hook

  • Step 3 : Insert hook behind the dc post that we just did from right to left

  • Step 4 : Yarn over hook

  • Step 5 : Pull up a loops and you should have 3 loops on hook

  • Step 6 : Repeat steps 2-5 two more times and you should have a total of 7 loops on hook

  • Step 7 : Yarn over hook

  • Step 8 : Pull through 6 loops and you should have 2 loops left on hook

  • Step 9 : Yarn over hook

  • Step 10 : Pull through remaining loops on hook

Row 3 : Turn, ch 1 ( do not count as a st ), 1 sc into each st until you have 2 st left, sk next st, 1 sc into last st ( The last st is a third ch ). Total of 9 sc ( Check picture 1 and 2 below )

Repeat row 2 and 3 for remainder of bead stitch project.

Congratulations, you’ve just added the bead stitch to your crochet skills bank! YAYuhhh! Be sure to share with your crochet peeps. The more we all know, the better crochet gets! Happy crocheting everyone, see ya next time.