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Crochet Baby Blanket (Free Pattern)

I know what a popular topic a crochet baby blanket is in the crochet world, but for some reason, I’d always put it off. I love the challenge of making clothing that’s fashionable and fits me just right. Not to mention figuring out how to teach you how to do the same. LOVE it.

This week, however, I’ve been swayed by the lure of baby blankets. It struck me while visiting family out of town, sitting on the comfy couch with a little throw blanket. Why don’t I make something like this?? So, the crochet baby blanket that you’re going to see here is the child of that idea.

It’s called a crochet baby blanket, but it can be adjusted slightly either way to suite your needs. You can use however soft or hard material you like etc.

For example, if you want an outdoor, camping type blanket, you could use some kind of synthetic yarn with the rigidity and durability you’ll need for the atmosphere.

On the other hand, if you want something soft and gentle for baby, you can use a really soft, natural fiber material and keep baby warm and cozy.

For this project, I used Bernat Softee baby cotton yarn, which is that warm and cozy I’m talking about. Thank you to Yarnspirations for the yarn support!

Much like my garment tutorials, I want this crochet baby blanket to be your own personal project and I will show you how to make that happen. That’s kind of my specialty 🙂

If you’re looking to make some matching decor for your blanket, I have a few other posts and videos you might find interesting below.

This crochet rug tutorial is much like the blanket in that it can be customized to the size, texture and color that works for your interior decoration plans.

This basket as well, can be customized to suite your space. My favorite thing about this is it’s a perfect little crochet basket for the baby’s room, as it’s light, collapsible and soft, which means it won’t break into sharp pieces for baby to find.

I also like to add a little natural vibe to a room, but I’m honestly not the best at taking care of plants. So, I found a perfect solution through crochet! These little crochet flower pots can be filled with whatever synthetic flowers or decor you like, and they are zero maintenance. Also, not a bad choice to spruce up baby’s room without the risk of broken vases and glasses.

Okay, okay, I know you’re here for a crochet baby blanket and blanket you shall have. This weeks free pattern is brought to you exclusively on UndergroundCrafter here.

If you don’t know Marie, or or work, you should check out the link. There’s sooo many good freebies there, including some more exclusive ones I did for her site. Such as this crochet baby blanket. Check out some of my others while you’re over there, like this easy crochet top or this crochet lace cardigan.

I also have many of these projects, like the crochet baby blanket, available for purchase in an ad free printable PDF on all my sales channels below.



Hope you enjoy the blanket project. I’ll be waiting enthusiastically to see what everyone comes up with. Happy crocheting!