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Handmade Crochet Yarn and Hook : A Crafty Couple

Hey everybody, I’ve really wanted to start sharing more on this crafty corner page, where I share more than free patterns etc. I want to share tips and tricks, business ups and downs, and more about us than usual. Today I have a great one to share. I made some handmade crochet yarn!

Well, first off, let’s start from beginning. If you don’t know me, my name is Wan, and my husband is Joe. He encouraged me to start this en devour years ago, and so to pay him back, I’ve drug him into being my all around knitcroaddict partner. He does a lot of writing and editing for me, as my English writing is , not great. He basically helps with everything behind the scenes.

I always want him to say hello on a video or take some sort of credit for all of his hard work helping make my dream a reality, but it’s just not his style. So, this was a step forward.

Last year, long before the world went crazy, I started making handmade crochet yarn. I really wanted to start making something tangible along with my patterns, and yarn was a fun little exploration. I bought a lot of different fiber styles, bought a drop spindle and started watching you tube videos to get started. I made quite a bit and had a ton of fun, but then I got so busy with patterns and tutorials, and it went by the wayside for a little while.

Flash forward to covid and my husband and I are both furloughed. At the time, I was working my day job as a server for 50+ hours per week, and my husband had a decent job in manufacturing. Now, we’re at home all day and we where just making the best of it.

Joe is very creative and loves to make things, but he just never had time. We spent all of our time working our jobs ad on the business, we just couldn’t do much else. But, during the lay off, he took up blacksmithing. Which lead to wood working, which lead to him hand carving crochet hooks.

The first couple where rough, but by the third one, he had something really special. He would make one and bring it to me to test, I’d tell him what needed to be fixed and he’d come back with a better version than the last. Now, I’m her with the third model and some handmade crochet yarn making a crochet twisted headband, which you should definitely check out if you haven’t already.

The best part is, Joe made a really good crochet hook! I’m so excited to see where this leads us with making yarn and hooks and just generally finding a way to make our passion a useful commodity. Like handmade yarn and handmade crochet hooks!

I hope you enjoy listening to some non crochet stuff, there will be more and I’m curious to see what content you all want to see more of. Oh, and if you somehow missed the twisted headband tutorial, be sure to check it out. Hope you’re all well. Take care, and happy crocheting as always!

All the best,


P.S, if you were looking for free crochet patterns, be sure to check out my library here.