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Crochet Twisted HeadBand Tutorial: Made from Scratch

I’m really excited about today’s crochet twisted headband tutorial! No, not because crochet headbands are particularly special, but because this one is.

Before the days of Covid, I had gotten on a yarn tangent. Specifically handmade, hand spun yarn. I went kinda bananas and bought wool and a spindle and spun up a bunch of beautiful Merino Wool.

Then, recently, my husband went covid crafty crazy and started hand carving crochet hooks. So, I really wanted to make something with his hook and my home spun yarn. So, now you have a crochet twisted headband tutorial made with a handmade hook and homespun yarn from the knitcroaddict family! Super cool 😎 If you want to hear more about that, head over to at crafty corner.

This crochet twisted headband tutorial is super simple and beginner friendly. It won’t require a ton of yarn, or sizing adjustments. You can use you any hook size you like (you don’t even have to use a homemade crochet hook or homemade yarn).

There will be a video tutorial included as usual. If you like this headband project and are getting ready to go down the crochet rabbit hole, you might like these previous projects as well.

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Stitches Used & Code

  • ch = chain
  • hdc = half double crochet

Notes :

  • The chains when you start will be the width of the headband. If you’d like a shorter or longer width, just make less or more chains
  • The rows that you made will be the circumference. If you’d like a smaller or bigger size, just make less or more rows

Crochet Twisted Headband Written Instructions

Row 1 : I’m making a 4 inch long ch, then make 1 hdc into second ch from hook and each ch across.

Row 2 : Turn, ch 1 ( do not count as a st ), 1 hdc into each st across

I’m going to repeat row 2 until my headband reaches about 19 inches long ( without stretch ). I recommend trying it on at this point to make sure you’re happy with the fit. Then we can start sewing. Cut the yarn and leave a 6 inch long tail

To Make the Twisted Headband

Step 1 : Lay Flat. Picture below

Step 2 : Make one twist in the headband. Picture below

Step 3 : Fold the ends together. Picture below

Step 4 : Sew the ends together using method of choice. Weave all the ends. Picture below

Step 5 : Turn your headband inside out and you’re done!

Congratulations on your new crochet twisted headband! I would love to see what yarn and hooks everyone uses for this one. Don’t be shy, remember, I always encourage you to share your work with me via FB or IG. I will gladly repost it for you as well if you ask me to.