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Crochet Earring : EAT SLEEP CROCHET!

Earlier in the year, I published a project for some earrings with this same “Eat, Sleep, Crochet” pendants.

When I saw them on Etsy, it was just the perfect motto. I had no idea how I’d use them, but I bought several and then put them away.

Then out of the sea of crochet goodies that get packed away in my closet, I stumbled back across them and decided they’d make a cute bracelet. (You can find that bracelet project here.)

The pendants turned back up on my radar, so of course I had to make some matching earrings.

They’re really easy to make, and of course you don’t have to use a pendant but it does give the earrings some weight and personal style. Hope you all enjoy 😊 Happy crocheting


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