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Center Single Crochet Stitch: How to crochet

Learn how to crochet the center single crochet stitch. Another name for the waistcoat stitch and knit stitch look ( I like to call it a center single crochet ). This stitch just looks like a knit stitch and it’s perfect for people that don’t know how to knit, but they like the knit stitch look.

This stitch is a little thick, so it’s good for making baskets, bags and winter things. However, you’re imagination is your only limit with this stitch. Just have fun and be creative.

Here are the written instructions but if you prefer to follow along with the video tutorial, I included it below.

If you’re looking for a project to make using the center single crochet stitch, I think you’ll love this circle purse tutorial.

Stitches Used & Code

  • ch = chain
  • sl = slip stitch
  • sc = single crochet
  • csc = center single crochet

Notes :

  • This center single crochet is worked best in round
  • You can start with the circle base or you can make a chain and join a circle to start
  • For the following written instructions, I’m going to make a chains and join a circle
  • When you crochet in round, there are two different ways to work : FIRST start the round by ch 1 and sl st to end the round or SECOND work in spiral and for this method you need to place the stitch marker into the first stitch in every rounds so you don’t loose count
  • For the following written instructions, I’m using the second method, because I love this method so much

Written instructions for the center single crochet stitch

Foundation round : ch any multiple of ch (I ch 20), sl st into the first ch to form a circle.

Round 1 : 1 sc into each ch around. Total of 20 sc

Round 2 : 1 sc in between the posts of each sc st from the previous round around. Total of 20 csc ( Check picture below )

Repeat round 2 for remainder of project. I made a total of 8 rounds ( Picture below )

Congratulations! You just added the center single crochet stitch to your bag of crochet tricks.

If this tutorial doesn’t quite fulfill your crochet desires, you could always head back into the archives with something like this Beginner friendly Crochet Shorts