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Learn to Crochet a Simple Flower

This weeks post is another stitch tutorial, learn how to crochet a simple flower. I used this flower to make a very cute crop top last week, if you missed that top here’s the free crop top pattern that I used the same flower stitch for. I also have a matching skirt for that crop top as well, if you can’t imagine it I’ll put some pictures below as well.

This simple flower can be used to accent any number of projects, from hats and head bands to booties and clothing. It’s also an easy on to learn to crochet.

FREE Crochet Flower Crop Top Pattern

FREE Crochet 3D Flower Skirt Pattern

I have included some written instructions and a step by step video tutorial for you here. I’m looking forward to seeing how everyone uses this little crochet flower, feel free too share you r designs and projects with me on IG.

I used Lion Brand Coboo on this one in #3 DK weight, but you can really use anything you like. I also used a 4mm crochet hook.

Check out some of my crochet bead stitch tutorials below for ideas or inspiration. 

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Stitches Used & Code

  • ch = chain
  • st = stitch
  • sp = space
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • dc = double crochet
  • REP = repeat

Crochet Flower Instructions

Step 1 : ch 5

Step 2 : sl st into first ch that we did forming a ring

Step 3 :  ch 2

Step 4 : 2 dc into the ring sp

Step 5 : ch 2

Step 6 : sl st into the same ring sp ( Now you have 1 petal )

Step 7 : REP step 2 – 6 four more times and you’ll have five petals total

Step 8 : ch 1 and cut the yarn Leave a 4-6 inch long tail to sew your flower to your project later

Congratulations! You’re now a crochet flower making super star! 😊