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This is getting back to my crochet roots. My first crochet projects where handbags and purses like this one here. The materials used to be so difficult to find, but there are a ton of suppliers for the metal frames now on and there are a couple shops with the yarn. You could also use cotton, but I like Thai Lanyard yarn more for these types of bags.

These have a sewn in lining with a zippered pocket inside. The shoulder strap can be removed and the bag used clutch style. I just love these bags, they have a lot of history for me 🙂

This finished bag is available in my Etsy shop here , stop by and check it out. Each bag is one of a kind, and this one turned out beautifully. I’m always so happy when someone buys one of my bags and gets to see quality that I put into it.




Saturday 17th of July 2021

I love crochet. It inspires me when I find myself feeling depressed. I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at your projects. I plan to do two or three of the purses. I just really wanted to tell you how wonderful your craft is. Your style is confident and clean lines.


Saturday 17th of July 2021

Thanks for sharing with me Bonnie. Crochet has definitely gotten me through many difficult timesas well. I hope you have fun making those purses, which ones are you thinking of?