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Crochet stitches : Makes Learning to Crochet Easy

In my constant obsession to design new crochet patterns, I’m constantly learning and relearning new and old crochet stitches.

I’ve been designing such a variety of different projects over the years, I’ve run across so many stitches that frankly, I didn’t even know the names of. I’ve amassed such a library of crochet stitches that I wanted to share them and teach them.

So I’ve decided to build a crochet stitch library with all the stitches I’ve used for projects, as well as one’s for future projects and some just because they’re really interesting or useful.

If you’re ever working on one of my projects and aren’t familiar with the stitches used, just head to this page and you should find a refresher tutorial.

If you’re new here and aren’t familiar with my designs and patterns, you can see some of my ad free patterns here as well. There’s a little bit of everything. Accept amigurumi. I STILL haven’t tried that.

Learning and practicing the stitches you find here is a great way to expand your crochet knowledge and skill. You can make gauge swatches with them and practice getting your tension just right. You can even make granny squares that will make other projects later.

Crochet stitches on their own can be really fun way to learn and I highly recommend you spend some time practicing them. Even if it’s just to frog them out and start over 😱

Hope you enjoy, and if you have any questions on these stitches or recommendations on stitches to cover in the future, let me know at