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How to sew a bag with a lining

And how to sew a zipper into a bag

This how to sew a bag with a lining tutorial is the companion to my recent crochet bag tutorial but but the method works with any bag project. I’m including how to sew a zipper into a bag this time, as I’m not sure I’ve ever shared that.

I’ve made tutorials before on how to sew a bag with a lining, but I’m not sure I ever included how to sew a zipper into a bag.

I’ve probably been ignoring the idea as I usually dread using a sewing machine, but for some reason I really enjoyed it this time. I think you all will too.

I’ve just included the video tutorial rather than written instructions. I think it’s easier to show how to sew the lining in video format rather than a photo tutorial. At least for me.

All you will need for this tutorial is a piece of fabric, a zipper, a sewing needle and thread! Whether you have a sewing machine or not, you can make this lining. I do recommend hand sewing the lining into the bag after it’s sewn together but if you’re a sewing pro, you know what to do with the machine better than I do.

Hope you enjoy!

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If you’re looking for some other crochet bag projects to add a lining to, be sure to check out these below.

1 Crochet Clutch Purse / Crochet Sling Bag

I have a lot of bag projects, some with and some without a lining, but you can use this method for any of my other bag projects, crocheted or knitted.

You could even use this method if you’re working with leather etc. Which if you do, I’d love to see it as that’s something I want to experiment with as well.

That’s all for now. If you added a lining to your bag project and would like to share with me and the community, feel free to share with me on IG or FB.

Till next time, happy crocheting!