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How to crochet a wallet

A great starter project for the next generation of makers and fiber artists

This crochet wallet started as a fun little product of necessity. My old little card holder from the big box store has fallen apart after a couple years, as those tend to do. So I thought while I would make myself a new one, I’d show you all how to crochet a wallet as well.

This little crochet wallet is about as basic and beginner friendly as any granny square, but you’ll immediately have something more useful than just a coaster or decorative square.

If there’s someone in your life that you think would benefit from learning to crochet, young or not so much, this is a really great starter project.

There’s a little bit more immediate results and satisfaction than some larger projects, so I think these kinds of things are a great, quick win to spark someone’s creative talents.

One of the coolest parts of this “how to crochet a wallet” tutorial is the fact that you can literally use any scrap yarn you have.

I know bags are the most commonly useful gift items I’ve made patterns for, but this is a close second.

Everyone from kids to teens to adults can use these kind of little trinkets of convenience.

I’ll show you how to crochet a wallet with a super simple written pattern and video tutorial. The free pattern couldn’t be easier, it’s just a 1 row repeat using a suzette stitch.

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If you’d like a video tutorial to follow along, be sure to scroll down to the bottom


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Stitches Used & Code (US Term)

  • ch = chain
  • st = stitch(es)
  • sc = single crochet
  • dc = double crochet
  • sk = skip
  • REP = repeat
  • ” = inches

Skill: Easy


  • This Pattern is written in English US Terminology 
  • This pattern is in a multiples of 2 ch
  • This pattern is a 1 row repeat (row 2)

Wallet measurements: 5.5″ Width X 4″ Tall

crochet wallet finished dimensions

How to crochet a wallet: Pattern

Row 1: ch 22,  (1 sc, 1 dc All into second ch from hook), *sk next ch, (1 sc, 1 dc All into next ch)* REP from *TO* until you have 2 ch left, sk next ch, 1 sc into last ch. Total of 21 st

Row 2: Turn, ch 1 (do not count as a st), (1 sc, 1 dc All into first st), *sk next st, (1 sc, 1 dc All into next st)* REP from *TO* until you have 2 st left, sk next st, 1 sc into last st. Total of 21 st

REP Row 2 until you have a total of 34 rows or your work reaches about 11″, then after that we’re going to crochet around the the edges, so don’t cut the yarn yet.

After we finish row 34, we’re going to make a single crochet all the way around the edges, adding 2 sc into each corner. This gives your edges a nice look and the 2 sc in the corners keeps it from curling up on you. Check picture below

how to crochet a wallet starting with the body

To finish up our crochet wallet, we need to sew the sides together.

I place the work wrong side up before I put my stitch marker at 26 st on both sides to mark where I want to sew to. That leaves me with about a 3″ flap, but you can feel free to adjust. You can make the flap taller or shorter and the compartment larger or smaller in this way.

I think a 3″ flap works well with a button, but if you want to use a different kind of closure, you can play around with different flap lengths etc. Check picture below

measuring the flap for the crochet wallet

I cut about a 12″ new strand of yarn and start sewing the sides of the wallet. I sew using a yarn needle sewing into the back loops only, but feel free to experiment with different options. Both sides sewn the same. Check picture below

adding stitch markers to sew your wallet up

Time to add the button.

After sewing the sides, I put the flap down and make sure everything lines up where I want my button to be.

Depending on the size of your button holes, you can either sew your button on with the same yarn from the crochet wallet or (if the button holes are on the smaller side) you can use a sewing needle and thread.

My button had large enough holes, so I cut a new piece of yarn (about 6″) and used a yarn needle to sew on the button.

I secure the button with a few knots inside the wallet.

how to crochet a wallet and add the button

Finally we’re going to crochet what will be our button closure loop.

Taking a new piece of yarn, I’m going to leave about a 4″ tail and make 12 chains, then cut the yarn and leave a 4″ tail (This depends on your button size, so check to make sure it fits when making your chains)

Before I sew the loop on, I’ll position the flap inline with the button and mark where I want to sew the loop on.

I sew the loop onto the flap on the inside, using the yarn needle and the tails that we left earlier to sew. Secure it with a few knots and weave all the ends. That’s it! You just learned how to crochet a wallet like a pro!

how to crochet a wallet and add a button loop closure


Congratulations on finishing this how to crochet a wallet tutorial!

I hope you enjoyed it and your wallets are super cute and functional. Be sure to share this pattern with all your crochet friends, and if you’d like to share your work with the rest of us, tag me on IG or FB (preferably IG) and I’ll try to repost.

Until next time, my crochet superstars!

Happy crocheting

✌️❤️ 🧶