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Crochet Summer Top: The Easy Peasy Crochet Top

Hey everybody, glad to have you back on my blog for another week of free crochet goodness. This week, I am again honored to be a guest designer with this Easy Peasy Crochet Summer Top on I think Marie is doing great things for and in the fiber arts and craft community, and I’m happy to contribute.

This guest post will be another one of my specialties (or obsessions) with another crochet summer top. I know what you’re thinking, and yes it’s okay if your whole top wardrobe becomes crochet.

It’s called the Easy Peasy crochet summer top for a reason. I made this with the absolute beginner in mind. When I started crocheting, clothes in general were too intimidating to even try. It was years before I attempted making a top. You luckily don’t have to wait that long.

The Easy peasy crochet summer top is a simple 2 panel construction using mostly HDC. I used a bigger hook size as well, to make it work up fast and give it a little more of a rustic look. It’s designed so that someone brand new to crochet could take a run at it and have some level of success.

I used Patons Hempster Spice in a DK #3 weight yarn, so with the bigger hook it makes for a very light and breathable top.

The free pattern for this easy peasy crochet summer top project is available exclusively on Undergroundcrafter here. The ad free PDF will be available for purchase on all my digital pattern shops below.



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I hope you all enjoy this crochet summer top tutorial. Be sure to share it with your friends, the ones new to crochet especially, this is going to help a lot of people get over their fear of garments. Happy crocheting!

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