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V Neck Summer Crochet Top Pattern

This is another great project for crochet beginners. It’s a simple two panel project, but you still end up with cute little v neck summer crochet top.

If you’re new to crochet, your friends will be so impressed when they see your work. If you’re a crochet veteran, your friends will still be impressed with your crochet mastery 😃.

This free summer crochet top pattern includes sizes XS-XXL. There’s also a video tutorial to follow along. If you’d like the ad free, printable PDF pattern, it’s available to purchase on my Etsy or Ravelry stores. Thank you all for your continued support. I can’t wait to see everyone’s projects. Happy crocheting 😊🙏

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Stitches used & code

  • ch = chain
  • sc = single crochet
  • dc = double crochet
  • st = stitch(es)
  • sk = skip
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • sp = space
  • rep = repeat
  • rs = right side
  • ws = wrong side
  • ” = inches
  • YO = yarn over hook
  • Bead stitch = 1 dc, *YO insert hook around the post of dc from right to left, YO and pull up a loop* rep from *to* 2 more times into the same dc post ( 7 loops on hook ), YO and pull through first 6 loops, YO and pull through remaining on hook.
  • Picot = ch 3, sl st into the back bump of the first ch that we did


  • This pattern made as us women’s XS( S, M, L, XL, XXL )
  • This top is made in 2 separate pieces and then sewn together(2 panels are made the same)
  • This top is designed to be a little loose
  • This pattern is a 6 rows repeat *row 2-7
  • This pattern is in multiples of 2+3 ch
  • In this picture I have demonstrated with size small

Gauge blocked: 14 dc X 10 rows = 4″

Measurements across back ( After blocked )

  • XS = 20.8″ Width X 17.85″ Length (810 yards of yarn)
  • S = 20.8″ Width X 18.42″ Length (830 yards of yarn)
  • M = 25.6″ Width X 19″ Length (890 yards of yarn)
  • L = 25.6″ Width X 19.57″ Length (910 yards of yarn)
  • XL = 30.4″ Width X 20.14″ Length (970 yards of yarn)
  • XXL = 30.4″ Width X 20.71″ Length (990 yards of yarn)

The v neck summer crochet top pattern

Panels ( Make 2 )

NOTES: Make sure to make the last st into the third ch/the turning ch in each row. The number of chains you start in the beginning, divided by 2, will be the length of your top.

Row 1 ( ws ): ch 127( 131, 135, 139, 143, 147 ), sk 3 ch ( count as 1 dc ), 1 dc into next ch and each ch across. Total of 125( 129, 133, 137, 141, 145 ) dc

Row 2 ( rs ): Turn, ch 3 ( count as 1 dc ), 1 dc into next st and each st across. Total of 125( 129, 133, 137, 141, 145 ) dc

Row 3 – 5 rep row 2

Row 6 ( rs ): Turn, ch 3 ( count as 1 dc ), 1 bead st into next st, *sk next st, 1 bead st into next st* rep from *to* until you have 1 st left, 1 dc into last st. Total of 62( 64, 66, 68, 70, 72 ) bead st ( Check picture below )

starting the panels for making a summer crochet top with the v neck

Row 7 ( ws ): Turn, ch 3 ( count as 1 dc ), 1 dc into next st and each st until you have 2 st left, sk next st, 1 dc into last st. Total of 125( 129, 133, 137, 141, 145 ) dc ( Check picture below )

  • XS = rep row 2-7 3 more times. Total of 25 rows
  • S = rep row 2-7 3 more times. Total of 25 rows
  • M = rep row 2-7 4 more times. Total of 31 rows
  • L = rep row 2-7 4 more times. Total of 31 rows
  • XL = rep row 2-7 5 more times. Total of 37 rows
  • XXL = rep row 2-7 5 more times. Total of 37 rows

Row 26( 26, 32, 32, 38, 38 ): rep row 2

*The end of row 26( 26, 32, 32, 38, 38 ) cut the yarn and leave 20-30 inches long

Joining the pieces together

We will sew the center front and back seam first. Laying your panels with the right side facing down, we’ll sew on the wrong side. Lay the last row of each panel facing each other, using the tails that we left earlier for sewing. Using method of choice. Sew the center front 38( 40, 41, 43, 44, 46 ) st of each panel together (If you want a lower neck line, just so less st. If you want a higher neck line, just sew more st). Sew the center back the same as the center front. You will have 49( 49, 51, 51, 53, 53 ) st open at the middle for the neck hole. ( Check picture below )

finishing your summer crochet top is as simple a sewing two panes together.

Sew the side seam

Fold your top in half at the shoulder with the right side facing each other, we’ll sew on the wrong side. Cut a new strand of yarn 20-30 inches long, enough to sew the bottom up to the arm pit. Sew 30( 30, 30, 32, 33, 35 ) st of the front and back together. Start sewing from the bottom up, using method of choice (If you want smaller arm holes, just sew more st. If you want bigger arm holes, just sew less st). ( Check picture below )

sewing the side seems of your summer crochet top

Crochet around the bottom edge ( Optional )

We will crochet into the end of each row of the bottom edge ( sp for reference ).

Add new yarn into any sp you like, I add into the sp next to the side seam. Make *1 sc, picot, 1 sc* all into same sp, rep from *to* around. Cut the yarn and weave all the ends. ( Check picture below )

Congratulations, you did it! I’d love to see everyone’s finished v neck summer crochet top . If you want to share with me, just tag me on FB or IG. Happy crocheting 🙂


Saturday 13th of April 2024

I have a problem, I got to the next row and a bead stitch came out, should I take out the row to get to the bead stitch and redo the whole row? Ugh I don't know what caused it to fall apart


Wednesday 8th of May 2024

I would just undo the stitches that came out, I don't think you have to redo the whole row. It happens, don't sweat it too much. Good luck!


Tuesday 9th of April 2024

I have just started this pattern! I have done the first row so far but I am pretty tall and I wear a size DD bra so I needed it to be longer. I got it to what length I thought might work for my body… I am making the size XXL. I ended up doing 203 chains to start… do you think this will ruin how the top will fit?


Wednesday 8th of May 2024

Hey Kellie, I don't think it will ruin the fit at all, I think it'll look good. It depends on how you want it to fit, it's designed to be loose fitting. Hope that helps, good luck!

Lindsay Barham

Tuesday 19th of March 2024

I am currently like 7 rows into this project, and I am realizing it will be a little shorter than I usually like... Do you think I can add some increases as I am working to make it a little longer in the middle or would that make it look weird? I could always add on the bottom when I finish!


Saturday 6th of April 2024

Hey Lindsey, sorry for the late reply! The chains when you start divided by 2 will be the length. The rows will be the width. If you want to make it longer you would have to start over and add more chains, just be sure to have a multiple of 2+3 chains. Hope that helps!


Monday 11th of March 2024

Just wanted to say your tutorials and designs have been a such an enormous help in my achieving success in my new hobby. Your designs are good for young people and for senior citizens like me. Your tutorials are so easy to follow. I use your size small which is a big help as there is not a lot of figuring things out. They fit so well when finished. Keep up the good work and thanks for inspiring me. PS. You’re so dainty, cute and a great model.


Friday 5th of April 2024

That's very sweet of you Ginny, thanks so much. That's exactly what I'm hoping for with all my designs and tutorials, I want to make crochet and knitting accessible to everyone of every skill level. Just trying to spread the crochet love, so thanks for giving it back. Keep up the great work yourself!

Teresa Zaw-Tun

Sunday 4th of September 2022

This pattern was easy to follow and I love my top! I used a bamboo yarn which is really soft and has good drape. Thank you for sharing your creative patterns. :)


Wednesday 7th of September 2022

Awesome! I love bamboo yarn, that's exactly how I would describe it, great drape and feel. My pleasure, thanks for your support!