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Crochet Twin cities spring scarf

The word spring conjures up images of flowers growing and everything turning green, but here in Minnesota it’s raining and chilly. So, I was inspired to call this the Twin Cities Spring Scarf. It’s double crochet and bead stitch in two colors with a two color fringe added.

Here is the free written pattern for this project below. There is also a link for the video tutorial included. If you’d like to purchase the printable PDF version of this pattern, check out my Etsy shop here, or my Ravelry here.


Stitches used & code

  • ch = chain
  • dc = double crochet
  • sk = skip
  • rep = repeat
  • st = stitch(es)
  • YO = yarn over

Bead stitch = 1 dc, *Yo insert hook around the post of dc from right to left, YO and pull up a loop*, rep from *to* 2 more times in to the same dc post ( 7 loops on the hook), YO and pull through first 6 loops, YO and pull through remaining loops on the hook


  • This pattern stitch is multiples of 2 plus 3, if you want to make it shorter or longer just make sure that you have multiples of 2 plus 3
  • The number of chains when you start will be the length and the number of rows you make will be the width of your scarf
  • This pattern is a 6 row repeat
  • This scarf can be made in just 1 color

Gauge unblocked: 16 dc x 8 rows = 4″

Measurement: 62.75″ long x 11.5″ tall

Here’s the video tutorial for this scarf


Row 1 (color A) : ch 253, sk first 3 ch ( count as 1 dc ), 1 dc into next ch st and each ch st across. Total of 251 st

Row 2 ( color A) : Turn, ch 3 ( count as 1 dc ), 1 dc into each st across. Total of 251 st

Row 3 – 5 rep row 2 (color A)

Row 6 (color B) : Turn, ch 3 ( count as 1 dc ), 1 bead st into the next st, * sk 1 st, 1 bead st into the next st*, rep from *to* till you have 1 st left, 1 dc into the last st(the last st is a third ch st). Total of 125 bead st

Row 7 (color A) : Turn, ch 3 ( count as 1 dc ), 1 dc into each st till you have 2 st left, sk next st, 1 dc into last st(The last st is a third ch st). Total of 251 st

Rep row 2 – 7 two more times Total of 19 rows *change color the same

Row 20 -23 rep row 2 (color A) *The end of row 23 cut the yarn and weave the end

Attach the tassels to the scarf

Notes: The tassels can be made in one color, multiple colors or none at all. For this one I chose to use two colors. I lined up color A fringe with the color A scarf rows etc but you can alternate if you like. Attach into the end of each row on both side. The instructions for the fringe are below.

  1. Cut strips of yarn twice the length that you want your finished fringe to be, plus a little extra to give enough for trimming. For this scarf I cut about 15 inches in order to achieve a finished fringe of about 7 inches. Depending on how thick you want your trim to be, gather your strips into groups. For this scarf I used 4 strips of yarn for each piece of fringe.
  2. Fold the group in half, insert hook into the space, pull the group of yarn strips back through the project by hooking the yarn at the middle where you folded it.
  3. Pull up a loop, grab the yarn tails and pull them through the loop and pull the tails tight until the knot is snug.
  4. Use the scissors to trim the fringe so that the ends are straight and same length.