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Crochet Purse/Clutch bag (Free Video tutorial )

Someone asked for another purse tutorial and I’m more than happy to oblige 🙂 These are where I was introduced to crochet, I’ve put years into designing and making them.

It’s not an easy project, but it’s so rewarding when it’s done. You can have a one of a kind crochet purse, customized just the way you like it, if you’re willing to do the hard stuff, like sewing the lining and the frame.

Hope you enjoy, I’d love to see your bags when they’re finished. Just @ me on Instagram or Facebook and I’ll gladly share your beautiful work!

Some links contained here are for affiliate products. I only recommend the products I love and use on my own projects. These add no extra cost to you, makes shopping easier and helps to keep the free patterns and tutorials coming for you to enjoy 🙂

For this purse you can used any kind of yarn you like, but I recommend the yarn that I used or look for a stiffer yarn. Nylon is easier to work with but a good stiff cotton etc is good for handbags as well.

If you’re looking for some crochet clothing pattern, you might like this Crochet Lace Shell Shrug or Summer May Tank Top

Materials you will need for this project

*some of these materials contain affiliate links, for which I make a small commission. It’s no extra cost to you, makes shopping easier and helps to keep the lights on.

If you want to add a lining for your crochet bag, here’s the video tutorial for the method I like to use👇🏻

Congratulations, you did it! I’d love to see everyone’s work. If you want to share with me, just tag me on FB or IG. Happy crocheting 🙂


Sunday 6th of November 2022

Could you please give us a size in the purse frame? Your materials used are no longer available on any of the sites sited!!!TY


Sunday 6th of November 2022

Hi Debra, these where some of my early free patterns so I learned some lessons on them. Unfortunately I didn't take the frame measurements of the frame at the time. The distributers that sell the frames etc. are going in and out of business left and right, so I don't try to keep them updated anymore. That being said, you can still search Etsy for metal purse frames, there are still a ton of them. The frames don't have to match the tutorial exactly, these are projects that have some wiggle room. I think I describe how to make them work with whatever frame you get, but if you get a frame and have some questions about how to adjust the project to fit, I'm happy to help.


Sunday 30th of October 2022

Hi, I’m so inspired to try and make the beautiful green cloth bag for my daughter for Christmas. I’m relatively new to crochet, but feel I can do this. And line it too. I note that the nylon cord is no longer available in the uk and will use a 3mm polyester cord instead. I love the the bag frame and cannot find it anywhere. Do you by any chance know where the company is now selling, hopefully available from the UK.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Wednesday 2nd of November 2022

It's doable for sure Marie. The crochet part isn't that complicated but it's a lot of little details, just take your time and pay close attention. As far as the cord, there are many sources and many brands, but I'm pretty sure the 3mm polyester will work. The metal frames are still sold by other shops on etsy, they just don't seem to stay in business very long so I don't have a specific one off hand, but if you search etsy for metal purse frames, you'll likely find more than you need. Hope that was helpful, best of luck. I'll be here if you have questions.