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Crochet Cowl Pattern

This crochet cowl pattern is sort of a continuation of our one skein crochet twisted headband project.

This crochet cowl is intended to be part of a matching set with our twisted headband, so I used the same crisscross stitch and the same Berocco remix as before.

Wearing a crochet cowl and twisted headband set.

The twisted head band was a “one skein” project ( really less than one skein) and this cowl was a little over a skein. So together, its a 2 skein project! Scrap yarn be damned! 🤣

The crochet cowl pattern is fantastic for fall, winter and spring, and the twisted headband is cool year round. It’s a great little set with a small investment of time and yarn.

The headband is a perfect little handmade gift you can make for everyone. If you have someone extra special, this set is for you.

If someone gave me a handmade, matching cowl and headband as a gift … I would be pretty darn impressed!

Your loved ones will be too. Or maybe you make these little projects to donate to strangers, which is even more fantastic.

Either way, if you’re looking for simple, easy, beginner friendly crochet projects that are inexpensive to make, the crochet cowl pattern and the matching twisted headband are sure winners.

If you’re a craft fair seller or just someone that makes a lot of crochet gifts, this would be killer too.

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Stitches Used & Code (US Term)

  • ch = chain
  • st = stitch(es)
  • sc = single crochet
  • dc = double crochet
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • sk = skip
  • REP = repeat
  • ” = inches

Skill: Easy


  • This Pattern is written in English US Terminology 
  • This pattern is in a multiples of 2 ch
  • This pattern is a 2 rounds repeat (round 2 and 3)

Yarn needed: 290 yards

Gauge: 16 st X 10 rows = 4″ (in stitch pattern)

Measurements: 25″ Circumference X 12.4″ Tall

Crochet Cowl Pattern

Round 1: ch 100, sl st into the first ch to form a circle (Make sure your ch isn’t twisted), ch 1 (do not count as a st), 1 sc into the same ch, 1 sc into next ch and each ch around, sl st into the first sc. Total of 100 st

Round 2: ch 3 (count as 1 dc), 1 dc into the last sc on the previous round Just work over the ch 3, *sk next st, 1 dc into next st, 1 dc into the skipped st Just work over the previous dc* REP from *TO* around, sl st into the third ch. Total of 100 st

Round 3: ch 1 (do not count as a st), 1 sc into each st around, sl st into the first sc. Total of 100 st

REP Round 2 and Round 3: 14 more times. You’ll have a total of 31 rounds

The end of round 31 cut the yarn and weave all the ends.


That’s right, the crochet cowl pattern is that easy!

Congratulations 👏👏👏 I hope you enjoyed making it and I hope whoever gets to wear it enjoys and appreciates your time, effort and love that you gave them in the form of a crochet accessory.

Until next time, keep up the great work and happy crocheting 🥰