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Crochet Beanie Hat Pattern

Then Blue Skies Winter Crochet Hat: Free Crochet Hat Patterns for Adults

Well sometimes the beauty of winter is just the fashion lol. Quite often a rough winter day can be turned around with the right crochet beanie hat pattern.

It’s been a little dark, gloomy, rainy and snowy here in the Arctic of Minnesota. I just needed some blue skies over head for a bit.

Since I can’t change the weather, I can at least crochet some blue skies for myself, and now you can too 🙂 Of course, you can choose what ever color cheers you up in the darkness of winter.

This crochet beanie hat pattern is very easy to make, easy to adjust and it ends up being so fluffy and comforting when it’s cold outside.

While most of my free crochet hat patterns are made for adults, this one can be adjusted for children’s sizes with a little extra work.

Here’s the free written pattern and video tutorial for the blues skies crochet beanie hat . This one’s really easy to adjust, so that’s probably all you’ll need. If you’d still like the ad free PDF, it’s available for purchase on my shops below




Hope everyone enjoys some blue skies with me 🙂 Happy crocheting!

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Blue Skies Crochet Beanie Hat Pattern


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Stitches used & code

  • ch = chain
  • st = stitch(es)
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • hdc = half double crochet
  • rep = repeat
  • ” = inches

Notes: This pattern works from the bottom up. It’s very beginner friendly. The sizes can easily be adjusted for anyone, child or adult. All you need to do to adjust the size is to make the chain long enough to match the circumference of the head. From there you can just hdc around till it’s the length you prefer. If you want a more slouchy hat, add more rows, or for a more form fitting hat, make less.

Gauge : 10 hdc X 8 rows = 4″

Size and Measurements

Fit most women’s head : 20″ circumference X 9.5” tall

Crochet Winter Hat Pattern

Note: Make sure to place the stitch marker into the first stitch in every round.

Round 1 : ch 50, sl st into the first ch that you did, 1 hdc into each ch around. Total of 50 hdc

Round 2 : 1 hdc into each st around. Total of 50 hdc

Round 3 – 19 rep round 2

The end of round 19 cut the yarn and leave 10″ long tail to close up the top of the hat

Close up the top of the hat

Thread the tail into the yarn needle and whip stitch, making a whip stitch into each stitch around the top of the hat all the way around. Grab the end and pull tight, tie a few knots and weave in all the ends ( Check picture below )

Attaching pom pom

Attach the pom pom to the outside of the hat, tie a few knots on the inside of the hat and then weave all the ends ( Check picture below )